Work will begin next month on transforming a 65Ha (160 acre) site in Newport News, Williamsburg, Virginia into a state-of-the-art show site for the Aviation World Fair due to take place 7-27 April 2003.

Comprising five thematic halls and more than 30 special display stands, the site will represent every facet of the aviation industry. It is anticipated that a million people will attend the event.

"We want to produce something that raises awareness of aviation's contribution to society," says Tom Kallmann, chief executive officer Aviation Worlds Fair and Kallmann Worldwide, exhibiting on Stand B6, Hall 4. "As well as being of interest to those in the industry we also want to use the fair to educate people." Interest in the fair has been apparent with around 25 companies already signed up 22 months before the one-off exhibition begins.


The organisers were accompanied by the Colonial Williamsburg fife and drums corps which entertained visitors with music. Mayor Jo Frank of Newport News was also present to talk about the site's suitability for this event. Situated only 90 minutes away from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where the Wright Brothers made their historic flight and 12 miles from Langley airbase, the site is especially appropriate, he says.

The site is also close to Hampton Roads where aviator Billy Mitchell bombed a ship to prove aircraft could be used in warfare. The first week of the show will be a dedicated trade show. The public will be admitted during the final two weeks. Among events will be a hot-air balloon race.


Organisers have worked with aviation historians such as Sir Walter Boyne and the Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget to ensure that the fair retains a global perspective. "We want to make this a truly world-class event," Kallmann says.

Source: Flight Daily News