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    ANALYSIS: Arianespace guns for Asia communications market


    The Paris air show is famously attractive to Asia-Pacific customers of commercial airliners and military aircraft, but the region is also one of the world’s hottest markets for a higher-altitude aerospace segment: commercial satellite launches. Here, European launch operator Arianespace is a world leader and vying for business.

  • Electron first launch c Rocket Lab

    ANALYSIS: Downsized rides for a new space age


    ​Modern electronics have shrunk the size and price of satellites - but what about the rockets that launch them?

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    ​DARPA selects Boeing for unmanned XS-1 spaceplane


    Just off the heels of its X-37B landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Boeing nabbed the contract to design the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s XS-1 spaceplane programme.

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    Airbus launches Aerial business for imagery services


    ​A new Airbus business launched on 9 May will offer imagery and communications from satellites and drones as a service to a global clientele, the company announces at the AUVSI Xponential convention in Dallas.

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    FORECASTS: What's in store for 2017?


    ​As the old saying goes, anybody who can tell the future should keep quiet about it and quietly get rich on the stock market. Here at Flightglobal, we are naturally quite confident of our forecasting ability but instinctively generous with our opinions. Herewith our best horizon-scanning guestimates for 2017:

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    ​FAA: Too early to write commercial space flight regulations


    The prospect of commercial space flight could become a reality within the next two decades, but US Federal Aviation Administration officials are saying it’s still too early to write regulations to protect crew and passengers aboard space flights.

  • A320neo Leap engines

    FlightGlobal launches Insight channel


    A new dedicated space on designed to showcase FlightGlobal’s market expertise, depth of data, and opinion, as well as encouraging debate around key topics, has been launched by FlightGlobal

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    Blue Origin tests escape system, recovers booster rocket


    ​Blue Origin’s suborbital rocket for space tourists completed a rare trifecta during a 5 October test flight by successfully reaching space, recovering the booster and performing a crew capsule escape test.

  • Hypersonic

    USA's hypersonic programme could rile Russia and China


    US hypersonic missile research could end up antagonising China and Russia, despite hopes that it could help defuse tensions over renewal of Washington's nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) arsenal.

  • mars rocket

    Elon Musk lays out vision to colonise Mars


    In what many space geeks are calling our generation's "Kennedy moment," Spacex founder Elon Musk laid out his most ambitious vision in flight yet: his plan to colonize Mars.

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    SpaceShipTwo returns to flight after nearly two years


    ​A Virgin Galactic spaceship returned to flight in a captive carry test for the first time in nearly two years since the fatal crash of the original prototype.

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    ​UPDATE: SpaceX launch destroys Facebook’s $200 million satellite


    An explosion at Cape Canaveral this morning destroyed both a SpaceX Falcon rocket and a $200 million satellite that would have increased internet access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Moon Express

    US clears first private company to make Moon landing


    ​A Cape Canaveral, Florida-based start-up has become the first private company approved by the US government to land on the Moon with less than 17 months remaining in the Google Lunar X Prize Foundation.

  • Aquila 640

    Facebook tests solar-powered Aquila UAV


    ​Online networking service Facebook is now an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) operator, having achieved first flight of the first full-scale, solar-powered, ultra-long-endurance Aquila on 28 June in Yuma, Arizona.

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    FARNBOROUGH: Ground control to ISS - who's in charge up there?


    ​As British astronaut Tim Peake gets his Earth legs back after his recent return from six months aboard the International Space Station, one of his European Space Agency astronaut corps colleagues is training for a second stint in orbit – which includes an unusual responsibility.

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    FARNBOROUGH: In space, two years can take forever - or go by in a flash


    ​In space, two years can take a very long time – or it can go by in a flash, depending on one’s perspective. As seen from the European Space Agency’s mission control centre in Darmstadt, Germany, the past couple of years have been elongated by many a nail-biting eternity as ...

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    Perlan II readies for record-breaking ascent to 90,000ft


    Airbus Group chief executive Tom Enders took the controls of the two-seat Perlan II glider during a 10min test flight on 7 May from the windswept, high-desert airport in Minden, Nevada, raising the public profile of a volunteer team of aviation adventurers hoping to make history in about four months.

  • XS-1

    Northrop backs XS-1 spaceplane to join satellite launch market


    Northrop Grumman might be "playing to win" the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's XS-1 programme, but the aerospace firm's interest in a reusable spaceplane for rapidly launching small satellites runs far deeper than any one project or contract.

  • Lockheed Martin Orion. NASA image

    Moon or Mars? Lockheed preps Orion for deep space adventure


    It’s a debate that has raged since NASA’s last Apollo lunar mission in 1972. Should America return to the Moon or press on to Mars?

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    Virgin's SpaceShipTwo readied for new ‘space renaissance’


    Virgin Galactic is positioning itself as a key player in the new “space renaissance” as it returns SpaceShipTwo to flight testing, chalks up commitments for its small satellite launch service, and teams up with Northrop Grumman on the US military's XS-1 spaceplane programme.