SolAero Technologies Corporation announced the delivery of the first solar wing for Bye Aerospace's StratoAirNet solar-electric unmanned air vehicle this week, bringing Bye closer to its goal of providing a solar-powered atmospheric satellite.

SolAero’s plan to integrate the solar cell technologies onto the 15.2m (50ft) graphite composite wing will maintain laminar flow surface on the wing, according to a 29 August SolAero release.

The first wing configuration will deliver about 2kW at ideal daylight conditions, allowing the StratoAirNet to achieve sustained flight. The prototype UAV is undergoing final assembly and wing and power systems integrated are expected to begin this November. The proof-of-concept UAV is optionally manned, allowing immediate payload integration before flight tests begin later this year.

The medium altitude StratoAirNet satellites will provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support to both commercial and government customers. The StratoAirNet intelligence, surveillance and reconaissance platform has previously participated in exercises with US Air Force Research Laboratory, such as a 2015 Advanced Concepts Event at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.