One moment a dining suite, the next an open space for yoga. AIM Altitude’s ULTRAFLEX cabin concept offers just that possibility, after the company observed a growing desire among airlines to offer more amenities to passengers on flights long-haul flights of around 12 to 20h.

“We took an area of business class from an existing customer’s LOPA [Location of Passenger Accommodations] and ‘re-looked’ at the usage of floor space,” says Ross Burns, lead industrial design manager for AIM Altitude. “We fully recognise the value of seats to airlines, but the flight experience is becoming so important, particularly in the age of social media.”

With ultra-long-haul flights, health and fitness on board is essential, too. Hydration and circulation are vital. So, alongside the yoga space, there are seated desks that have cycle pedals, resistance pedals and foot massage rollers underneath.

“We are not expecting airlines to take every element of the concept,” Burns admits, “because this is the start of a discussion. Every airline will use the concept in a different way.”

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Source: Flight Daily News