Flexible LED lighting strips have been promising to transform cabin ambience for some years now, but UK electronics specialist TT is now ahead of the curve – and able to bend around a 75mm radius with a “power efficient, robust and certifiable” solution in white or RGB multi-coloured options.

tt electronics led light

Terry Moss says LED strips can make older aircraft's cabins seem new


As Terry Ross, who handles TT Electronics’ human-machine interface solutions sales says, aircraft cabins are no longer “boxes” but, rather are “moving to a more aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient environment, filled with curves".

“Our FLS flexible lighting strip solution offers the perfect blend of form and function to meet the demands of the passenger, the designer and the manufacturer.”

TT, says Ross, is particularly interested in talking to airline customers looking to refurbish older fleets – because replacing existing bulbs with modern LED mood lighting not only saves weight and power, it can create a truly modern feel to update the customer experience.

Ross points to one study which found that fitting an older Boeing 737 with coloured mood lighting left passengers with the impression they were aboard an all-new aircraft.

TT, he says, “is first and foremost an electronics company” and supplies industries ranging from automotive to medical. A speciality is thin-film backlit electronics - increasingly used in place of bulbs in everything “visible or touched” by passengers.

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Source: Flight Daily News