Safran’s new Sophy galley trolley tag is being piloted with a number of airlines that are keen to add a smart measuring capability to their operations – and the launch of the product here at the show has led to interest from other airlines wanting to explore its networking capability.

safran sophy trolley tag


The system has been developed with Undagrid, an Internet of Things specialist, and can be acquired with brand new trollies or offered as a retrofit option for in-service systems.

It measure the temperature of food inside the galley trolley, can track the movement of the carts around the aircraft and from the gate, as well as alert operators to when maintenance of trollies is required.

Staff on board can monitor this information via a mobile device, and it can also be transmitted to other receivers when the aircraft nears the ground.

Airlines want more insight into what is taking place on board aircraft, says Alwin Hollander, VP of sales and marketing for Safran Cabin says, adding that discussions with customers in the US, Europe and Asia led Safran to develop the capability.

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Source: Flight Daily News