TAP has set up a joint venture charter company, Yes Air, in which it has 51%, in partnership with Portuguese travel group Viagens Abreu, which has the remaining 49%. Daily flights are being made to Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic with an ex-TAP Lockheed L1011, which will be replaced in March with a leased Airbus A310-300. A former TAP Airbus A320 is also being operated by Yes with pilots and cabin crew hired on an ad hoc basis from the parent company.

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TAP's former commercial director, Marques da Cruz, told a Portuguese parliamentary commission of enquiry that his recommendation of Air France as the best strategic partner for TAP rather than Swissair "was not an error". Justifying his choice, he pointed to the "intense natural traffic" between Lisbon and Paris as the main reason for favouring Air France.

Source: Airline Business