Russia's Myasishchev Design Bureau (MDB) is working on a feasibility study for an air-launched, 27,000kg (59,400lb), 14-passenger suborbital tourism vehicle to be flown by two pilots, according to its website.

Developed for an undisclosed Russian company, the air launch system is called Aerospace System (AKS) M-91 and uses a Myasishchev VM-T Atlant as the carrier aircraft.

The Atlant previously carried Russia's Buran space shuttle and its Energia booster. With crew and passengers in full-pressure suits the AKS M-91 would operate from "South-East Asian and Arabian" equitorial launch sites.

Initially reaching a 100km (62 miles)-plus apogee, MDB says that future iterations of the vehicle could achieve 150km altitude.

 Above: Myasishchev Design Bureau's Aerospace System M-91 concept


Source: Flight International