Rockwell Collins' FMS-4200 flight management system has been certificated for the Bombardier CRJ1000 as well as the CRJ700/900, enabling the type to fly performance-based navigation procedures automatically.

The enhancements to the avionics will allow the CRJs to fly, for the first time, radius-to-fix as well as required navigation performance tracks.

"This will reduce track distance, flight time and fuel consumption when compared with conventional routes," said Rockwell Collins.

It said the improved capabilities include localiser performance with vertical guidance, wide-area augmentation system lateral navigation guidance, and coupled vertical navigation.

The FMS-4200 will be a standard fit on the three CRJ NextGen models.

Rockwell Collins has also secured CRJ1000 certification for its solid-state AHS-4000 attitude and reference heading system, which is also available as an aftermarket upgrade for the CRJ700/900.

Source: Flight International