Lasham, UK-based Triumph Air Repair (Europe) has renewed its three-year agreement with London Gatwick-based GB Airways to maintain its Honeywell GTCP 85 series auxiliary power units on the airline's Boeing 737s. Pan American has begun installing Raisbeck Stage 3 kits on its seven Boeing 727-200s, a combination of upgrading Stage 2 aircraft and replacing earlier Stage 3 modifications. The fleet will be retrofitted by August. Hawker Pacific Aerospace has won a three-year contract to provide landing-gear overhaul services for Polar Air Cargo's 15 Boeing 747s. Hawker Pacific Aerospace is also to provide landing gear overhaul services for Saudi Arabian Airlines at its UK and US facilities. AAS Aircraft Services, the new subsidiary of American Aircarriers Support, has won its first heavy maintenance contract, to complete a C-check and install Stage 3 hushkit on a Boeing 727-200 freighter for lessor Finova Capital. Lufthansa Technik has been awarded a 10-year contract from Air Malta covering the overhaul of CFM International CFM56s on its two Airbus A320s and seven Boeing 737-300s.

Source: Flight International