XIONIX SIMULATION HAS won a United Airlines contract to upgrade Boeing 747 and 757 auto-flight-systems trainers previously supplied to the carrier. The upgrade will include Xionix' FMC Emulator, which uses actual aircraft flight-management-computer (FMC) software.

The personal-computer-based FMC Emulator has been developed jointly with FMC supplier Honeywell and represents the exact functionality of the aircraft FMC, enabling the aircraft operational FMC program and navigation database to be loaded into the training device, Xionix says.

United Airlines says that the FMC Emulator will allow for easy updating of the FMC software and loading of the operational program and database, using the actual aircraft floppy disks. "These features will allow these devices to stay current with the aircraft navigational and operational software with minimal simulator technical support," the carrier says.

This is Xionix' first major contract since being acquired by Evans & Sutherland in late 1995.

Source: Flight International