Boeing has agreed to acquire sustainable aviation fuel for its commercial aircraft operations in the US states of Washington and South Carolina, through a deal with EPIC Aviation.

The agreement with the company’s EPIC Fuels arm covers 7.5 million litres (2 million USgal) of fuel produced from inedible agricultural waste.

Boeing will use the blended fuel for tests, delivery flights, and logistics transport using its converted Boeing 747 ‘Dreamlifter’ aircraft.

The company says the purchase amounts to the largest airframer procurement of sustainable fuel disclosed.

“[This agreement] further demonstrates Boeing’s commitment to decarbonising aviation,” it adds.

Boeing says the fuel being acquired will comprise a 30% sustainable component, blended with 70% conventional jet fuel.

It will use the product at its Everett, Renton and Seattle facilities as well as the plant at North Charleston.

Dreamlifter airborne-c-Boeing

Source: Boeing

Flights of the modified ‘Dreamlifter’ 747 will be among those using the sustainable fuel

Boeing vice-president of environmental sustainability Sheila Remes says the pact will help reduce the company’s carbon footprint and support customer deliveries as well as its own operations.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is a safe, proven, immediate solution that will help achieve our industry’s long-term commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” she adds.

EPIC Fuels will also continue supplying customised blends – ranging from 50% to 100% sustainability – for the Boeing ‘ecoDemonstrator’ programme.