Collins Aerospace’s Enhanced Vision sensor will be integrated into Airbus A320 flight vision systems, and will be rolled out to other Airbus types in the future. 

Collins states that Airbus’ Enhanced Flight Vision System will make use of the nose-mounted sensor to “create an augmented reality view of the outside world”. 


Source: Collins Aerospace

Image captured from Collins Aerospace’s Enhanced Vision sensor.

“The sensor uses multiple infrared and visible light cameras to ‘see through’ poor visibility conditions better than the human eye. When the pilots view this camera video on head-up displays, it allows them to better identify the runway environment in all weather conditions — helping pilots overcome many flight disruptions often created by fog or precipitation,” the company states. 

The enhanced vision system also has the potential to reduce emissions in the long run, as it helps reduce delays on the runway and in the air. 

Collins adds that the sensor can also be retrofitted on existing in-service Airbus aircraft.