Safran is to develop an electrical storage system (ESS) for aviation alongside Cuberg, a subsidiary of Swedish battery maker Northvolt.

Designed to equip future hybrid- and full-electric aircraft, the ESS will combine Cuberg’s rechargeable lithium-ion cells, modules and packs, with a Safran Electrical & Power-developed high-voltage protection system. The French firm will also provide integration and certification expertise, alongside in-service support.

Cuberg employee monitors battery manufacturing

Source: Cuberg

Cuberg has been developing lithium metal batteries for aviation

Cuberg’s module design yields improve specific energy and energy density from its liquid electrolyte and lithium metal pouch cells, the company says.

In May, it announced a new programme “dedicated to developing high-performance battery systems that will enable safe, sustainable electric flight”. Deliveries to select customers were due to take place this year.

Northvolt acquired the California-based firm in March 2021.