Aruba’s civil aviation regulator has introduced sanctions relating to aircraft based in Russia or connected with Russian entities.

The measures are being imposed over the conflict in Ukraine, and follows similar actions by other states of registry.

Aruba is an autonomous Dutch state but legally bound to follow European Union restrictions, says its Department of Civil Aviation.

The regulator says the sanctions it is implementing include grounding – and, in some cases, de-registering – aircraft.

Aircraft registrations in Aruba carry a ‘P4-‘ prefix. A range of commercial and executive aircraft types feature on the registry.

P4 Aruba registry-c-The Registry of Aruba

Source: The Registry of Aruba

Aruban-registered aircraft carry a ‘P4-’ prefix

The regulator says it is “closely monitoring”, along with the registry organiser, all applicable aircraft in relation to sanctions, airworthiness, flight safety, and corporate guidelines.

“This monitoring includes topics such as ownership, effective control, access to technical assistance, parts, and a review of the full supply chain,” it adds.

“Stakeholders are to be reassured that continuous monitoring and reviewing [of] restrictions affecting aircraft under the registry is being done and swift, appropriate action taken.”