British exhibitor Inflight Peripherals Ltd is sounding off here about a product portfolio that includes a noise-cancelling audio jack and a couple of docking stations for passenger personal entertainment devices.

The jacks comprise the highly reliable Long-Life design, the easy-to-maintain Rapid Fit and the low-cost noise-cancelling INCAM. The docking stations are designed for in-seat installation and offer iPOD, MP4 player, DVD, USB and headset connectors in a single unit. One features a recessed iPOD cradle, the other a pop-out iPOD section.

Fronting for IFPL here is IFE industry veteran Neil Thomas, who recently joined the Isle of Wight-based company as business development manager. Thomas brings more than 12 years of experience to his new role, having worked most recently with British RF component supplier Pascall Electronics and before that with in-seat power provider Page Aerospace.


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Source: Flight Daily News