European Union representatives have lodged an appeal against the latest findings from a World Trade Organization panel regarding the long-running transatlantic subsidies dispute.

The WTO’s findings distributed on 2 December stated that the EU side had failed to show that German and UK subsidy to the Airbus A350 had been fully withdrawn.

Its analysis also found that French, German, UK and Spanish subsidies for the A380 programme had not been withdrawn despite amendments to loan agreements.

The WTO was not convinced by EU arguments that the termination of the A380 programme earlier this year amounted to further confirmation of the subsidy withdrawal.

A380 and A350 subsidies, it found, were still having a direct effect on the markets for the aircraft – although they were not responsible for the presence of the A330neo.

Airbus had signaled that it would appeal the findings, and the WTO states that the EU side filed an appeal on 6 December. The WTO has yet to release details of this appeal