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  • Impact 1300 - Meteor Aerospace

    Meteor to make bigger Impact with MALE development


    Israel's ​Meteor Aerospace is developing a medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned air vehicle, with the Impact 1300 to have a maximum take-off weight of 1,300kg (2,860lb). The new product is now in full-scale development, the company says.

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    Franco-German defence pact does not threaten UCAV initiative: Dassault chief


    The pact between France and Germany to develop a next-generation fighter does not threaten the Franco-British unmanned combat air vehicle project on which Dassault and BAE Systems are partnered, the French company’s chief executive insists.

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    Philippine air force gets Hermes 900 demonstration


    Elbit Systems has performed a series of demonstration flights with its Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicle for the Philippine air force, as the service evaluates the medium-altitude, long-endurance type.

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    Kronstadt unveils latest Russian large UAV concept


    ​Kronstadt Technologies unveiled at the MAKS air show on 19 July a flying prototype and a vision to enter the export market within three years with the medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) Orion-E unmanned air system (UAS).

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    ​Chinese CH-5 UAV ready for international sales


    The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) CH-5 UAV is ready for the international arms market, following the maiden flight of the type's first production model.

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    Iran puts Hamaseh UAV on export market


    ​A year after the Iranian military fielded the Hamaseh unmanned air vehicle (UAV), Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries now offers the long-endurance surveillance and attack system on the export market.

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    IAI boosts Heron TP offer to India


    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has received approval from its home nation's defence ministry to propose the local production and assembly of Heron TP unmanned air vehicles in India, as the company pursues further business opportunities with New Delhi.

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    Piaggio resumes flight testing of P.1HH HammerHead UAV


    Piaggio Aerospace yesterday resumed flight testing of its P.1HH HammerHead, more than 13 months after the first prototype of the unmanned air vehicle was destroyed in a crash off Sicily.

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    Missile defence creates role for aircraft with U-2 performance


    ​A missile defence role is emerging after 2023 for an unmanned air system (UAS) with the payload and range capability of today’s manned Lockheed Martin U-2S.

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    PARIS: Thales makes advances in military UAVs


    Thales has been an understated yet significant player in the unmanned air vehicle (UAV) market for some time now, but is making a number of advances in the military UAV domain, as well as exploring new technologies related to the growing operation of this type of system.

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    PARIS: EMSA to take Skeldar unmanned helicopter


    The Skeldar unmanned helicopter will be provided to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) under a new services deal, marking the second sale of the system since manufacturer UMS Skeldar was formed in 2015.

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    PARIS: Leonardo works to clear Falco for non-segregated airspace


    Leonardo is working on certifying its Falco family of unmanned air vehicles for flight in non-segregated airspace, as part of a new services-based offering that it has introduced at the show.

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    PARIS: Raytheon looks at second generation of Coyote UAV


    ​Raytheon is exploring the development of a second generation of its Coyote expendable unmanned air vehicle, which will contain a number of different elements that can be selected by an operator depending on its requirements.

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    ​PARIS: China promotes unmanned airpower


    Chinese airframer AVIC is displaying a mock-up of its Wing Loong II armed UAV in the static park.

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    PARIS: Textron unveils Nightwarden tactical UAV


    ​Textron will today unveil its newest tactical UAV offering dubbed the Nightwarden, a production-ready derivative of the satellite-communications (SATCOM)-enabled Shadow M2 that it first introduced in 2011.

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    PARIS: Leonardo introduces M-40 target drone


    ​Leonardo has introduced the new M-40 addition to its Mirach family of aerial target drones, which can effectively imitate a variety of aircraft and missile types and is easily exportable.

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    Israeli air force preparing new UAV roadmap


    ​The Israeli air force is working on a master plan that will determine the shape of its unmanned air vehicle squadrons for the next 15 years.

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    Elbit's SkyStriker to make Paris air show debut


    Elbit Systems will use the Paris air show to display its new SkyStriker loitering weapon system, which is believed to be the first member of a family of such products.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Europe presses on with UAV autonomy quest


    ​European nations are on a continued search for sovereignty over their aircraft fleets, and their selection of unmanned air vehicles is no exception

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    German Heron TPs to be controlled from Israeli base


    ​The Heron TP unmanned air vehicles that Germany will lease from Airbus Defence & Space and Israel Aerospace Industries will be operated from Tel-Nof air base in Israel.