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  • Scoot 787-9

    Fuel pump blockage resulted in Scoot Trent 1000 shutdown


    Debris from worn bearings in Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine on a Scoot Boeing 787-9 caused it to shut down as the aircraft approached Perth in 2018.

  • Air India A320 VT-ESE-c-Binai Sankar Creative Commons

    Air India A320 left with 600m to stop after unstable approach


    Pilots of an Air India Airbus A320 were left with just 600m in which to bring the aircraft to a halt after the jet landed long at Surat following an unstable approach. The threshold of Surat’s runway 22 had already been displaced by 1,000m leaving an available landing distance ...

  • Zhukovsky airport-c-ZIA

    Crews cautioned as Russian airspace change swamps navigation update


    European regulators are cautioning that flight-management system databases and charts for western Russia might be outdated as a result of the data workload created by an extensive restructuring of the region’s airspace. The restructuring – which takes effect on 3 December – is centred on the Moscow flight information ...

  • VD An-124-c-Volga-Dnepr

    Volga-Dnepr temporarily withdraws An-124 fleet after Novosibirsk accident


    Russian outsize freight carrier Volga-Dnepr Airlines has temporarily withdrawn its Antonov An-124 freighter fleet from service, pending clarification of the circumstances of an accident in Novosibirsk. The operator has about a dozen of the type, including the modernised An-124-100M-150 variant. Volga-Dnepr says it is “doing everything possible” to ...

  • Mi-8 collision-c-Investigative Committee

    Russian customs Mi-8 wrecked after felling airport lighting mast


    Russian investigators are probing a ground-manoeuvring accident at Volgograd which resulted in a federal customs service Mil Mi-8 helicopter colliding with a lighting mast which then fell on the aircraft. The Mi-8 MTV (RF-38376) had been taxiing across the eastern side of the apron after landing when its main ...

  • Aero Contractors incident title-c-Nigeria AIB

    Nigerian operators warned to preserve cockpit-voice recordings


    Nigerian regulators have disclosed that they had to warn airlines against overwriting of cockpit-voice recorders, after being hampered during inquiries by absence of data. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority sent an all-operators letter to carriers in July last year alerting them to the issue. “[We have] noticed that ...

  • Kabo 747-c-via Twitter

    Kabo 747-200 short-landed after crew opted against ILS approach


    Nigerian investigators were unable to access information from either flight recorder of a Kabo Air Boeing 747-200 which touched down 100m short of the runway during a non-precision night landing at Sokoto. The aircraft (5N-JRM) had been operating a Hajj charter flight from Kano to Jeddah on 4 October ...

  • Maxes at Renton-c-VDB Photo_Shutterstock

    Rapid global recertification of 737 Max still needed: IATA


    IATA is calling on global regulators to authorise the Boeing 737 Max for a return to service as soon as possible following the FAA approval for the type even though the demand crisis has taken some of the pressure off the airline capacity requirements.

  • Gol first 737 Max 8

    Brazil lifts Boeing 737 Max grounding


    Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency ANAC has cleared the Boeing 737 Max aircraft to return to revenue service in that country following a 20-month grounding.

  • Parked-c-Mary416_Shutterstock

    Airlines grapple with training and maintenance restart challenge


    IATA’s safety chief identifies maintenance as the biggest challenge airlines face on moving to a full restart of operations after the pandemic, in part because uncertainty on when this might happen makes it harder to plan for.

  • Tru Sim 737Max simulator

    CAE to buy Tru Simulation’s non-US assets from Textron


    Canadian flight training company CAE has agreed to buy Tru Simulation and Training’s non-US assets from US conglomerate Textron for $40 million.

  • PK-LEG excursion KNKT

    Lion A330 excursion prompts new guidance on crew proficiency


    Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) has advised the country’s civil aviation body to develop guidelines surrounding proficiency and training exemptions in light of the coronavirus outbreak, following a runway excursion involving a Lion Air Airbus A330-300.

  • 737 Max-c-Boeing

    How EASA’s 737 Max requirements differ from the US FAA’s


    While the European airworthiness directive to modify the Boeing 737 Max for return-to-service are the same as those issued by the US FAA, some of the operational requirements will differ. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has invited comments on its proposed directive, which will enable operators of the ...

  • TUI 737 Max-c-Boeing

    EASA expects to revoke 737 Max grounding in mid-January


    Europe’s air safety regulator expects to publish a final airworthiness directive on modification of the Boeing 737 Max in mid-January, which will mark the formal revocation of the grounding order imposed on the twinjet. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published, on 24 November, a proposed directive on ...

  • Volotea 717-c-Volotea

    Attempt to squeeze CRJ take-off ahead of landing 717 led to serious airprox


    French investigators believe a controller unnecessarily attempted to optimise runway use at Strasbourg by allowing a Bombardier CRJ700 to take off while an approaching Boeing 717 was close to touchdown. When the 717 crew chose to conduct a missed approach, it came into conflict with the CRJ700 during its ...

  • 737 Max-c-Boeing

    EASA prepares to issue own 737 Max recertification directive


    Europe’s aviation safety regulator is intending to issue its own proposed Boeing 737 Max airworthiness directive before the end of this month, which will enable European operators to start returning the embattled twinjet to service. Owing to this decision to pursue its own directive, the European Union Aviation Safety ...

  • An-32 crash-c-via Twitter

    Ukrainian investigators join probe into excursion that wrecked An-32


    Ukrainian investigators have disclosed that the crew of an Antonov An-32A freighter turned off a propeller-control switch before the aircraft was destroyed in a serious runway excursion in Peru. The aircraft, operated by Colombian carrier AerCaribe, had been arriving at Iquitos from Lima on 14 October. It touched ...

  • Crash scene

    Analysing the nuts and bolts of safety


    It is the details that matter where aviation accidents are concerned.

  • Turkish 737-800-c-NBAAI

    Turkish 737-800 badly damaged after crew botched crabbed landing


    Ukrainian investigators have concluded that a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crew used an inadvisable technique to land during a strong crosswind, failing to maintain directional control before an excursion which badly damaged the aircraft. The aircraft (TC-JGZ) had been conducting an ILS approach to Odessa’s runway 16 on 21 ...

  • Air_China,_B-1397,_Boeing_737-8_MAX_(32694362847)

    China in no hurry to return 737 Max to service


    China’s civil aviation authorities have reiterated comments made a month ago that there was “no set timetable” to lift the grounding of Boeing 737 Max. In comments reported by state broadcaster CCTV on 19 November, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) restated three key rules it laid out ...