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  • Long March 5B Tianhe launch-c-CCTV via YouTube

    Pilots concerned over increasing space threat as heavy Chinese booster re-enters


    North American airline pilot association ALPA International is expressing concern that there is no formal process to warn commercial crews of the increasing risks posed by space debris re-entering the atmosphere. It has issued its own caution over the uncontrolled re-entry of a large booster stage of the Chinese ...

  • Porto incident title-c-GPIAAF

    Crew of 737 cleared for take-off while inspection vehicle occupied Porto runway


    Portuguese authorities have opened an investigation after a Boeing 737-400F was cleared for take-off on a Porto runway occupied by an inspection vehicle. The aircraft, operated by ASL Airlines Belgium on behalf of FedEx, had been accelerating along runway 35 at night on 27 April. Portuguese investigation authority ...

  • ZeroAvia crash-c-Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue

    ZeroAvia: System integrity 'maintained' during test aircraft accident


    Hydrogen-electric propulsion specialist ZeroAvia believes its ambitions to develop larger commercial aircraft will not be adversely affected, as it probes the accident which badly damaged its single-engined test airframe. The six-seat modified Piper M350 was wrecked as it landed in a field near the UK’s Cranfield airport on 29 ...

  • Azman 737

    Nigeria’s Azman Air cleared to resume 737 flights after safety audit


    Nigerian authorities have lifted a suspension order against local carrier Azman Air after it implemented a corrective plan to address safety matters, the airline states. The suspension affected Azman’s Boeing 737 fleet and was imposed in mid-March after several incidents involving the undercarriage of passenger flights, each of which ...

  • ZeroAvia crash-c-Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue

    ZeroAvia suffers setback as field landing wrecks Piper test aircraft


    Low-emission aviation firm ZeroAvia is investigating the circumstances of an accident which badly damaged its test aircraft. The aircraft, a Piper M350, has been retrofitted with a hydrogen-electric propulsion unit and conducted its first hydrogen fuel-cell-powered flight in September last year. ZeroAvia says it made an “safe, off-airport ...

  • Airport passenger

    US extends mask mandate in airports, aircraft


    The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the government agency responsible for security screenings across 450 commercial airports, has extended a mandatory face mask requirement by four months.

  • London City remote tower-c-London City airport

    London City airport switches to remote digital tower operations


    London City airport has switched over to a remote digital control tower, with its operations controlled from a facility located at the southern UK’s en route centre in Swanwick. Controllers at Swanwick, which is 115km south-west of the airport, have access to live video and other information relayed from ...

  • United 787-9

    Boeing delivers nine 787s after five-month pause


    Boeing has delivered nine of its widebody 787 Dreamliners following a five-month break due to quality issues.

  • Alaska_first737Max_25Jan2021_2

    Boeing pauses deliveries of 737 Max while awaiting electrical fix


    Boeing has paused deliveries of its 737 Max narrowbody as it works on a fix for the electrical issues that forced airlines to temporarily pull some of their aircraft from service.

  • Leap-1B-c-Max Kingsley-Jones+FlightGlobal-web

    737 Max operators to check for transducer corrosion after storage


    Operators of Boeing 737 Max jets are being instructed to check a subcomponent of the engine control system for potential corrosion, which could result in reduced thrust control. The 737 Max family is exclusively powered by CFM International Leap-1B engines. As a result of the near two-year grounding ...

  • m600SLS

    Piper wins European certification for Autoland system on M600/SLS


    Piper Aircraft has gained European approval for its M600/SLS equipped with the Garmin Autoland-based Halo safety system.

  • UA328-c-NTSB

    UK lifts ban on PW4000-powered 777s


    UK regulators have withdrawn an operating ban on Pratt Whitney PW4000-powered Boeing 777s, two months after it was imposed following the serious engine failure on a US aircraft. The operational restriction was introduced on 22 February. Two days earlier a United Airlines 777-200 suffered a fan-blade ...

  • R22 VR sim-c-VRM

    EASA approves virtual-reality simulation for R22 training


    Creators of a flight-simulation trainer for rotorcraft pilots have obtained the first European certification for a virtual-reality system. The trainer is designed to enable pilots to practice risky manoeuvres in a virtual environment, says the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. It has been developed by VRM Switzerland for ...

  • A320-c-Airbus

    Ignition risk spurs order to replace older A320s’ fuel pumps


    Operators of older Airbus A320-family jets are being urgently ordered to replace certain fuel-pump components over concerns about potential ignition sources. As a result of a quality inspection, says the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the locking key of the impeller drive shaft was found to be loose in ...

  • collision otter title-c-ntsb

    Fatal Alaskan mid-air collision illustrates see-and-avoid inadequacy: inquiry


    US investigators have found that two sightseeing aircraft were effectively invisible to their pilots before they fatally collided over an Alaskan lake, highlighting the inadequacy of conventional see-and-avoid strategies. The inquiry believes cockpit structures on a descending De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter obscured the pilot’s view of a DHC-2 ...

  • FedEx C208 incident-c-AAIB

    C208 suffered excursion after unstable approach and long landing


    Investigators have found that a Cessna C208B operating a cargo flight conducted an unstable approach before landing long and hard, and suffering a runway excursion in the British Virgin Islands. The single-engined aircraft, with the US registration N967FE, was operating on behalf of FedEx and arriving from Puerto Rico ...

  • H125 birdstrike-c-BEA

    Fly high or reduce speed to cut civil helicopter birdstrike: EASA


    Civil helicopter operators are being advised to reduce airspeed if they are unable to avoid flying at low altitude, as a defensive measure against the risk of serious birdstrike. Rotorcraft manufacturers should incorporate a dedicated caution in flight manuals warning operators that flight below 2,500ft increases the likelihood and ...

  • SIA 777 9V-SWD-c-Martin Oertle Creative Commons

    SIA 777 stopped climb at 500ft after crew's waypoint entry error


    Pilots of a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER inadvertently entered an incorrect waypoint altitude constraint prior to departure, resulting in several alerts from the ground-proximity warning system as the aircraft climbed out of Shanghai Pudong. The take-off runway assigned had been changed from 34L to 35R which meant the aircraft’s ...

  • United Max. United

    United to return 737 Max and 777s to schedule


    United Airlines anticipates returning two Boeing aircraft types to its schedule after dealing with separate safety issues that grounded both this year.

  • 737 Max (c) shutterstock

    India clears Boeing 737 Max for overflights


    Indian regulators have taken the first steps to easing restrictions on Boeing 737 Max flights in the country by clearing the path for foreign carriers to overfly its airspace using the type.