Following its initial report, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) plans further investigation into the 4 November uncontained failure of a Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine on a Qantas Airways A380.

"It is early in what is a very complex investigation, and it is possible that the scope of the continuing investigation may change as it progresses," says the ATSB.

It outlines 15 areas for further investigation. These range from the crew's response to the failure to technical topics related to the failed No 2 engine and the aircraft itself.

It will, for example, look at the metal spattered on the failed IP (intermediate power) turbine blade platform, residue in the aircraft's left fuel tank, fractures on the IP turbine disc, and the IP turbine disc blade root connections.

"We plan to complete the investigation within one year of the occurrence," says the ATSB. "Should any further critical safety issues emerge during that time, ATSB will immediately bring those issues to the attention of the relevant authorities or organisations and publish them as required."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news