BOEING HAS won orders for a further 14 737-700s and is virtually assured of at least another six commitments for the new 737 family.

German charter operator Germania Fluggesellschaft has ordered 12 aircraft, worth about $512 million, and Bavaria Fluggesellschaft has confirmed an order for two more, which Boeing says, is worth about $80 million. The airline had already ordered two-700s.

Meanwhile, Dutch charter and schedule operator Transavia will decide at a board meeting in April or May which aircraft to buy to replace some of its 17 737-300s.

The airline says that it favours the 737-800, larger than any current 737s, with the possibility of adding 737-700s later. It is looking at an order for between six and ten aircraft. Transavia will sell the last of its -200s in April and is acquiring three more -300s, rather than the 757s it earlier planned.

The German 737 orders follow Hapag-Lloyd and Air Berlin deals late in 1994, and are particularly important to Boeing.

A Boeing source explains that the German charter operators' desire for a higher cruise ceiling to help avoid European air-traffic congestion was a crucial factor driving the aircraft's performance goals.

Source: Flight International