Aeronautics Defense Systems is offering its Dominator XP unmanned platform for maritime surveillance applications.

Deputy chief executive Dany Eshchar points to a growing demand for such a long-endurance asset to help protect nations’ exclusive economic zones and monitor offshore infrastructure such as natural gas pumping installations.

The Israeli company earlier this year secured a contract to supply a Dominator XP system to Mexico, with the adapted Diamond Aircraft DA42 to support its law enforcement bodies. Delivery is scheduled before the end of this year.

One Dominator XP is already operated by the Canadian company CAE in Alma, Quebec, under Canada’s Project Miskam, which is evaluating the use of unmanned air systems in civil airspace.

Adapted from the certificated manned aircraft, the Dominator XP has a maximum take-off weight of 1,900kg (4,200lb), an endurance of over 20h and a top speed of 160kt (300km/h). Its service ceiling is 27,000ft.