The SkyWatch 497 collision avoidance system will now feature verbal intruder positioning (VIP) alerts and a five-year warranty for new customers.
L-3 Avionics Systems’ new VIP capability features extended aural alerts of range, bearing and relative altitude when a traffic advisory is issued for a threat aircraft.
Users will hear warnings such as, “traffic, traffic, 12 o’clock high; three miles”, in addition to the normal visual display of threatening aircraft. VIP systems will now also display up to 10 targets simultaneously, depending on display capability.
“While SkyWatch has always offered relative range and bearing in a visual format, the new option for verbal annunciations is an added feature,” says Larry Riddle, vice- president of business development. “After 10 years’ providing traffic avoidance to the general aviation community, we feel confident in extending the SkyWatch system warranty to five years.”
L-3 Avionics Systems is offering a VIP upgrade option to all existing SkyWatch 497 owners with a software 1.8 revision and Mod “J” hardware update for a nominal fee.  The company provides a wide array of avionics safety technologies, such as the GH-3000 electronic and J.E.T. standby instruments, LandMark terrain awareness systems and Stormscope weather mapping systems.
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Source: Flight International