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  • TransAsia crash

    TransAsia ATR 72 appears stalled before impact


    The attitude and flight profile of theTransAsia ATR 72 that crashed after take-off from Taipei's Sung Shan airport - shown in high quality video of the aircraft's last few seconds - indicates it was fully stalled.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: US open skies debate divides industry


    An ongoing call by US mainline carriers for the US government to re-look its open skies deals with certain Gulf nations has stirred up strong reactions in the industry, even as some parties choose to stay out of the controversial issue altogether.

  • AirAsia wreckage QZ8501

    AirAsia QZ8501 accident may reflect a trend


    ​Accidents to aircraft cruising through tropical or sub-tropical zones are repeating often enough now for the industry to have cause to refresh its pilots on the risks. There have been three other accidents in similar circumstances during the last ten years.

  • MH17 crash site

    ANALYSIS: Accidents are not the only threat to safety


    ​If large numbers of passengers and crew die on a commercial airline flight because of an event that was not an accident, is it valid to exclude it from airline safety statistics? After all, passengers boarding a flight want to be assured their lives are not at risk from any ...

  • Oil Refinery

    ANALYSIS: Looking beyond the short-term impact of low oil prices


    Recent and apparently continuing falls in the oil price – with Brent trading below $50 per barrel today – provides further evidence of the difficulties associated with forecasting, writes CTAIRA analyst Chris Tarry.

  • MH370 tracking map

    ANALYSIS: Refining the MH370 search


    ​Since Capt Simon Hardy revealed in Flightglobal/Flight International his calculations about where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is likely to have come to rest, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau – leading the MH370 search team – has spoken at length to him.

  • Orders-Jan2015

    ANALYSIS: Fleet Watch - Orders for December 2014


    Commercial aircraft net orders came in at 647 for December 2014 where 673 new orders were offset by 26 cancellations.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Future plans for flight data


    ​Commercial air transport aircraft will soon be required to equip with deployable flight data recorders, or flight tracking equipment, or both. The only question is how soon.

  • MH370 memorial

    ANALYSIS: Airline safety plans for 2015


    ​Several studies or projects aimed at reducing threats to airline safety are likely to come to fruition in 2015. In one of these, reacting to the French investigator’s recommendations in the report on the loss of Air France flight 447 over the South Atlantic in 2009, Airbus says it is ...

  • AirAsia search

    ANALYSIS: Airline safety performance in 2014


    Despite public perception, 2014 has been an extraordinarily good year for aviation safety – but the shadow of MH370, MH17 and December's AirAsia disaster cast a long shadow over the positive figures

  • MH17 crash site Xinhua/Rex TN

    ANALYSIS: Accident reports published in the last six months of 2014


    ​Accident reports published in last six months of 2014

  • Air Algerie

    2014 shows lowest airline fatal accident rate in history


    ​Calendar year 2014 has turned out to be the best year ever for airline safety, according to airline safety analyst Flightglobal Ascend. For many this may seem an unexpected result given the perceptions created by the high profile losses of two Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777s and the crash of an ...

  • Money 304

    ANALYSIS: Few winners in Venezuela currency crisis


    ​When the topic of airline funds trapped in Venezuela came up for discussion at the ALTA Leaders Forum in Nassau in November, a fire alarm at the event venue went off.

  • Boeing 737-4 Snow scene

    FESTIVE QUIZ: Can you outsmart Uncle Roger?


    Sharpen your pencils, or mouse pointers, for the 2014 edition of Uncle Roger's Festive Quiz

  • Qatar A350

    A350 training wins industry approval


    ​As Airbus A350 launch customer Qatar Airways prepares to put its aircraft into service next month, Toulouse, France-based Airbus Training sees its revolutionary “learning by discovery” pilot and engineer type-rating training system being put to the test for the first time.

  • Emirates A380

    OPINION: Challenges and opportunities for airlines in 2015


    The prospect of a visit from Michael O'Leary dressed as Santa Claus may not be everyone's idea of a perfect Christmas. But should the Ryanair boss decide on a yuletide surprise, one or two European legacy airline CEOs might be hoping he gets stuck down the chimney before having the ...

  • Azul tails

    ​ALTA: Flightglobal insight report shows Latin market's dynamism


    As the airlines of Latin America and the Caribbean gather at this year's ALTA Airline Leaders Forum in Nassau, Flightglobal has examined the dynamics of the region's air transport markets in a special report.

  • Passenger charges

    ANALYSIS: Airports evolve LCC-focused funding models


    European low-cost airlines' rise to prominence over the past 10 to 15 years has brought new opportunities for airports to fund their infrastructure needs – but they have learnt that this comes with its own challenges.

  • Analysis

    ​ANALYSIS: Debate continues over regional subsidies


    Recent controversies in New Zealand and Australia highlight the debate over whether, how, and how much to subsidise regional air service.

  • BA Ethnic tailfins

    Wrong colours: Are these the worst 10 airline liveries?


    ​Etihad Airways revealed its new livery on its first Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 in recent days and will roll it out across its entire fleet. But not all airline rebrands go so well. We look at 10 of the worst paint jobs in airline history