Sweden has placed a SKr390 million ($36.6 million) contract to acquire additional Rafael Litening 5 targeting pods for integration with its Saab Gripen fighters.

Announced on 3 April, the deal – with prime contractor Saab – covers equipment deliveries to be made in 2026, along with the provision of spare parts and in-country maintenance support.

“The procurement is part of securing the national capability in both JAS39 [Gripen] C/D and E,” the new NATO member’s Defence Materiel Administration says. Stockholm has previously ordered the pod-housed Litening 5 system for use with its current-model and incoming version of the Gripen.

Gripen C

Source: Saab

Sweden has previously procured Litening pods for use with its Gripen C fighters

“By building up a maintenance capability for this version of target designation pod, Saab is ensuring that the Swedish armed forces can maintain them within Sweden’s borders,” notes Lars Tossman, head of Saab’s aeronautics business area.

Sweden recently became the 32nd nation to join NATO, completing its accession to the western military alliance on 7 March. Its air force currently flies almost 100 Gripen C/Ds, with 60 E-model examples on order.