Teams combine

Air France-KLM is beginning the second phase of combining the regional offices of the formerly separate carriers, with Christine Ourmieres, who heads Air France's operation in the UK and Ireland, assuming the general management in the region for the merged carrier at the end of June.

The move also includes merging the sales and commercial teams for the carriers in each market bringing synergies in purchasing and sales. In the UK, Air France employs around 500 people with KLM having another 100 staff.

The UK is the largest European market for the carrier to be combined to date, with smaller markets like Scandinavia and Spain becoming jointly managed in a pilot phase last year. All European markets will go through this process by year-end. Several other markets have also been combined.

Between them Air France and KLM carry over 40,000 passengers a week from the UK and Ireland, with Air France serving 10 destinations and KLM 15.


Source: Airline Business