Russian carrier Red Wings has scrapped plans to acquire a batch of Airbus A220-300s, citing economic considerations for the decision.

Red Wings had disclosed last year that it was intending to lease six aircraft – then still known as the Bombardier CS300 – for services on its joint network with Nordavia.

It had planned to put the aircraft into operation in spring this year. But the airline has “decided to leave this project”, says Red Wings general director Yevgeny Klyucharev.

Klyucharev insists that the termination of the lease agreement is related “exclusively” to commercial and economic reasons, and has been mutually agreed by the parties involved.

Although the A220 has yet to secure Russian certification, Red Wings stresses that this “is not related” to the lease cancellation decision.

Russian lessor Ilyushin Finance, which is affiliated with Red Wings, has 14 A220-300s on order with Airbus.

The lessor had indicated two years ago – when it was planning to take 20 CS300s – that it had agreed a deal to supply six to an undisclosed customer.

Airbus lists six A220-300s as being assigned to GTLK.

Ilyushin Finance has previously agreed co-operation measures with state transport leasing firm GTLK to provide aircraft to Red Wings.

Source: Cirium Dashboard