China’s CAIC Z-10ME has made its international debut at the Singapore air show with a fully equipped example on display in the static park.

The helicopter features a loadout of anti-tank missiles, podded rockets, as well as its chin-mounted 23mm chain gun. 

Also on display are air-to-air missiles and 23mm “high explosive incendiary ammunition”.

Sensors include a mast-mounted radar and an electro-optical/infrared (IR) ball on the aircraft’s nose. The helicopter also features a missile approach warning receiver and a directional infrared countermeasures system to combat IR-seeking missiles.

FlightGlobal understands that the helicopter was transported to the show not inside a transport aircraft, but aboard a ship. The helicopter is located in front of state airframer AVIC’s display, which bears the tagline “All Value in Cooperation”.

The Z-10 is in service with the People’s Liberation Army, and Pakistan is also understood to be interested in the type.  

Chinese industry has a strong presence at this year’s show, including the Comac C919 and ARJ21 airliners.