Hindustan Aeronautics is seeking a local partner to manufacture Dhruv advanced light helicopters under license for the civil sector.

The company states that it wants to "service the potential demand to different customers in the civil sector, in shorter time spans and continued product support."

Under a three-phase transfer of technology, the selected partner will be responsible for manufacturing the Dhruv in India, along with assembly, testing, and supply to customers.

In addition, the partner will have to secure customers on its own, implement all the technological requirements, and not supply the helicopters to customers "in conflict with the national interest".

Conditions set by HAL include having five years of manufacturing and assembly experience in the aerospace or engineering industries, financially sound with a minimum turnover of Rs25 billion ($386 million) in the past three years, as well as a willingness to collaborate and agree to terms on exclusivity, non-competition, and exit criteria.

On its end, HAL will provide the technology, technical assistance and support during production.

Flight Fleets Analyzer indicates that there are 265 Dhruv helicopters in service, primarily with the Indian military and parapublic operators.

Source: Cirium Dashboard