Honeywell has integrated the first third-party module into its Primus Epic avionics system for the Raytheon Hawker Horizon business jet.

The Epic system will be responsible for utilities control, requiring Honeywell to integrate modules supplied by vendors into the modular avionics unit (MAU) which forms the heart of its system.

The first utility function to be integrated into the Epic MAU is the anti-skid braking control system module, supplied by Aircraft Braking Systems (ABSC).

Primus Epic has an open architecture based on a Honeywell operating system. Honeywell provides suppliers with the specifications and tools to configure their hardware and software to operate in the MAU.

Integrating the braking control function into the MAU required interfacing ABSC's Motorola-based module with the Intel-based Epic system. "With Honeywell providing information and tools, there were no problems getting our system to communicate with the Primus Epic MAU," says ABSC.

Source: Flight International