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  • Iran Air A330-c-Mark Harkin Creative Commons

    Long-dormant Iran Air order struck from Airbus backlog


    Iran Air’s landmark agreement for 100 Airbus aircraft has been scrubbed from the airframer’s backlog, its year-end figures reveal. The Iranian flag-carrier placed the order in 2016 after sanctions were eased as part of a political agreement over the government’s nuclear energy programme. Iran Air ordered 98 jets including 16 ...

  • Iran A319 EP-IEP-c-Iran Air

    Second Iran Air aircraft makes wrong-runway landing at Tabriz


    Iranian investigators have indicated that an Airbus A319 crew landed on the wrong runway at Tabriz airport after becoming accustomed to using it on two previous flights. The Iran Air aircraft (EP-IEP) had been inbound to Tabriz from Isfahan on 7 October but, despite being cleared to land on runway ...

  • ATR 72-600 EP-ITD

    Iran ATR 72 suffered tail-strike after dual input during flare


    Iranian investigators have disclosed that the captain of a landing Iran Air ATR 72-600 intervened to reduce descent rate during the flare, resulting in dual control inputs, but could not avert a hard touchdown. In the moments before the initial touchdown the aircraft was probably subjected to a downdraft, says ...

  • Iran Air A330-200

    Senior air force figure takes over as head of Iran Air


    Former deputy Iranian air force operations commander Alireza Barkhor has been named as the new chief of flag-carrier Iran Air. The Iranian transport ministry has confirmed Barkhor’s appointment. He previously held several senior military roles including commanding Isfahan’s Shahid Babaei air base. Barkhor succeeds Touraj Dehghani Zanganeh who is to ...

  • Iran Fokker gear-up

    Recurrent hydraulic fault preceded Iran Fokker 100 gear-up landing


    Investigators have found that an engine-driven pump’s overheating preceded a hydraulic leak before an Iran Air Fokker 100 was forced to land at Tehran Mehrabad with its main landing-gear retracted. Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation found that the aircraft, inbound from Qeshm on 19 March last year, had suffered a series ...

  • Iran Air ATR 72

    Iran ATR followed wrong approach after Tabriz runway switch


    Iranian investigators believe failure to switch an Iran Air ATR 72-600’s avionics to follow a new approach resulted in the aircraft’s landing on the wrong runway following a service to Tabriz. The aircraft, arriving from Baku as IR779 on 10 February, had been conducting an approach with clearance for runway ...

  • Iran Air A319

    Iran Air A319 edges into mud after snowy landing


    Iran Air is playing down an incident involving one of its Airbus A319s which ran into rough ground after landing at Kermanshah early on 1 February. The airline states that the aircraft – arriving as flight IR283 from Tehran Mehrabad at about 06:00 – did not veer off the runway, ...

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    Iran Air ATR 72-600 strikes tail during Mehrabad landing


    ​Iranian investigators probing a tail-strike involving an ATR 72-600 have disclosed that a pilot under instruction was part of the cockpit crew at the time.

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    Second Iranian Fokker in three days suffers gear failure


    ​Iranian investigators are probing the second serious landing-gear incident involving a Fokker 100 in the space of three days after an Iran Aseman aircraft diverted to Tehran when its undercarriage only partially deployed.

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    Hydraulic failure preceded Iran Air Fokker gear-up landing


    ​Iranian investigators probing a gear-up landing involving an Iran Air Fokker 100 believe a failure in one of the aircraft’s two main hydraulic systems led to the accident.

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    PICTURES: Key airline stories from 2018


    A visual reminder of some of the most significant events in the airline industry over the past 12 months​

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    USA axes treaty behind Iranian aviation safety ruling


    ​US government officials are terminating a 1955 treaty with Iran which had formed the basis of a bid by Iranian officials to lift US sanctions on the country.

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    UN court orders USA to lift sanctions affecting Iran air safety


    International Court of Justice judges have ruled that the US government must lift sanctions against Iran which pose a threat to civil aviation safety.

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    OPINION: USA should show common humanity over Iran


    ​Nearly eight years after it was agreed, the treaty on suppression of unlawful acts relating to international civil aviation entered into force on 1 July.

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    Iran Air chief: ATR deliveries are 'defeat' for US stance


    Iran Air appears not to be giving up on the prospect of continuing with aircraft deliveries, despite the re-introduction of US government sanctions, following the simultaneous arrival of five more ATR 72-600s.

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    ATR formation heads for Tehran to beat sanction deadline


    Iran Air is receiving a batch of five ATR 72-600s on 5 August, in a bid to beat a renewed US government sanctions deadline which would block delivery of the turboprops.

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    USA unlikely to permit airframers to support Iran-owned aircraft


    ​A top US official has made clear that the US government is unlikely to issue any licenses that would allow companies like Airbus and ATR to continue supporting aircraft in service with Iranian airlines.

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    OPINION: Trump's foreign policy pledges should worry Boeing


    ​Airbus and Boeing are not victims of the US decision to unilaterally withdraw from a nearly three-year-old agreement with Iran.

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    Iran sanctions may trigger currency shift: DAE chief


    DAE Capital’s chief executive speculates that the United States’ withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal could challenge the dollar’s status as a global reserve currency, with flow-on effects for aviation.

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    Demise of Iran nuclear deal kills hopes for Boeing order


    ​The US government’s withdrawal from a deal to limit Iran’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons puts an end to a nearly two-year old plan by Iran to acquire or lease 117 Boeing aircraft.