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    PARIS: Horizon demonstrates FlyingFish for monitoring satellite phone signals


    Horizon Technologies is promoting its FlyingFish airborne satellite monitoring system for monitoring of satellite phone signals for humanitarian, search and rescue and law enforcement/anti-terrorism purposes. FlyingFish can be used to turn a wide range of aircraft into signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection platforms.

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    PARIS: An-132 draws on long history, opens new international cooperation


    ​One of this year’s Paris debutants has a familiar look, but is an almost entirely new aircraft, albeit one developed from a long pedigree of light transport aircraft.

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    PARIS: Controp launches addition to STAMP payload family


    ​Israeli company Controp has launched a new member of its STAMP family of gyro-stabilised miniature EO/IR payloads for UAS at Le Bourget.

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    PARIS: South African Air Force boosts Gripen availability


    Previous low availability of South African Air Force (SAAF) Saab Gripen C/Ds has been overcome by bringing stored aircraft back into service, says Lt Col Josias Mashaba, commanding officer of the service's 2 Sqn.

  • F/A-18E - US Navy

    PARIS: Syrian shoot-down marks first 'kill' for Super Hornet


    A US Navy Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian air force Sukhoi Su-22 in an engagement over Syria on 18 June. The US aircraft had been supporting Syrian opposition forces near Ja'Din, south of Tabqah, when the Su-22 released bombs against them.

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    PARIS: Swedish new trainer programme moves forward


    The process to replace the Swedish air force’s ageing trainer fleet is likely to take a step forward this summer with the expected issue of a Request for Information for a replacement for the 50-year-old Sk.60 (Saab 105). In the interim, the service is implementing a life extension programme ...

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    PARIS: KC-390 prepares for promotional tour


    With its KC-390 making its debut at Le Bourget in the static and flying displays, Embraer is seeking new sales for its multimission tanker/transport beyond launch customer Brazil, and has also expanded its potential roles to include maritime patrol and search and rescue.

  • KC-390 - Brazilian air force

    KC-390 tour kicks off with Swedish evaluation


    Embraer has embarked on a 40-day international sales tour with its KC-390 tanker/transport, which will bring the twinjet to Sweden before making a debut Paris air show appearance next week.

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    Australian navy details manned/unmanned teaming plan


    The Royal Australian Navy will introduce its new vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle capability on 29 April, after selecting the Scheibel S-100 Camcopter. The service is to buy one system, with an option for another, to support test and evaluation activities ahead of a potential operational acquisition.

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    Italian army details rotary transition plan


    The Italian army’s aviation inventory is to rationalise its fleet of nine helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft types today to just four, including a new attack platform to be developed by Leonardo.

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    US Marines set 2019 target for Osprey tanker fit


    The US Marine Corps expects to declare initial operational capability for the Bell Boeing V-22 Aerial Refuelling System (VARS) in late 2019, with the milestone to represent the availability of an initial four mission-equipped aircraft.