Liberty Aerospace (Stand E215) has chosen Dubai 2003 to exhibit its state-of-the-art Liberty XL2 for the first time outside the USA.

"The Liberty XL2 is a new generation two-seater aircraft in a market dominated by much older aircraft," says Anthony Tiarks, president and chief executive, Liberty Aerospace. "We have taken technology previously used in larger aircraft and incorporated it into the XL2 so we have a product that can be used for leisure, surveillance and as a helicopter alternative."

The FAA certified aircraft can carry a payload of 600lb (270kg) and has a 600 mile (960km) range. The 48in (1.2m) wide cabin comprises generous ‘armchair in the sky' chairs and a 24ft3 (2.2m3) baggage area.

It is powered by the latest Powerlink FADEC version of the 125hp (93kW) Teledyne Continental IOF-240 engine which controls both engine ignition and fuel injection electronically.

"We are here to raise awareness of the Liberty XL2 outside America," says Tiarks. "People realise there is a real need for reliable and secure aircraft and we can supply this at a good price.

"We hope to have a demonstration aircraft to take to exhibitions next year so people can experience what it's like to fly the XL2."

Source: Flight Daily News