Power has been restored at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Intranational airport, after a 12-hour blackout across all terminals caused a cessation of operations.

"Power has been restored to all concourses," says the airport in a Tweet. "5000+ meals are being delivered to passengers. Trains will be operational soon."

The power failure was apparently due to a fire at an underground electrical facility in the early Sunday afternoon of 17 December.

FlightGlobal Schedules data indicates Delta Air Lines, which has its hub at Atlanta, led United States cancellations and delays on Sunday with 767 flights cancelled and 896 delayed.

Southwest Airlines, the second biggest operator at Atlanta, saw 147 flights cancelled and 661 delayed.

Atlanta airport itself led both cancellations and delays for the US, with 510 arriving flights cancelled and 443 delayed, and 716 departing flights cancelled and 554 delayed.

Though the airport is set to return to normal operations, Delta warns that approximately 300 flights on Monday 18 December will be cancelled owing to knock-on effects of the blackout.

Source: Cirium Dashboard