Azerbaijan’s Azad Systems has begun manufacturing Aeronautics Defense Systems’ Orbiter 1K armed loitering unmanned air vehicle under licence as the locally named “Zarba”.

Media outlets in the country have identified the model as a locally made version of the Israeli design, and have shown the nation’s president visiting the production line of Azad Systems, which was established in 2011 with assistance from Aeronautics.

Aeronautics’ first loitering weapon system, the UAV is launched from a catapult and can fly for 2-3h carrying its warhead and an electro-optical/infrared sensor before engaging a target.

The company claims that its very low acoustic signature means the Orbiter 1K is not detectable until 2s before starting its attack dive. However, if the target has moved or cannot be attacked, an operator can bring the aircraft back to make a safe landing.