Abu Dhabi unmanned aircraft maker Adcom Systems is focusing on international expansion as it continues to work on its unique S-shaped UAV designs.

Speaking at its Dubai static display, Adcom chief executive Ali Al Dhaheri says the company continues to promote its various systems locally and abroad, and plans to introduce a production facility in Wales in the west of the UK.

The factory is expected to employ 120 people and will open within six months, says Al Dhaheri. It will initially produce the company’s United 40 product, a medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV with military applications such as surveillance and communications relay, combat damage assessment, and other missions. A prototype of this aircraft first flew in 2013.

Another development since the 2013 show, when the company displayed a mock-up of its Global Yabhon large UAV, is Adcom’s purchase of Belorussian firm Indela, a producer of small unmanned systems.

The Indela I.N.SKY, small rotary UAV, is on display in the company’s paddock along with its ground control station, in addition to mock-ups of two other MALE UAVs, the Yabhon Flash-20 and the Hazem 15.

The rationale behind the unconventional layout of the firm’s larger fixed-wing UAVs, which have S-shaped fuselages and two full-sized wings, is to speed the airflow over the rear control surface.

This layout generates more lift than a conventional design, allowing the aircraft to operate from shorter runways and use less-powerful engines.

Source: FlightGlobal.com