One of the finer things this country has ever done is to build the Comet, though some would scarcely realize it to hear some of the experts talk. That B.O.A.C. should hitch their wagon to this wonderful machine and, flaunting prejudice and incredulity, throw down a challenge to the world, is regarded by these gentlemen as either puerile escapism or downright dishonesty. And they are not alone in their pessimism, for there are the saloon-bar savants who know somebody who knows someone in I.A.T.A. or Thomas Cooks, and who can tell you (old boy) that nothing short of a 150% load factor can forestall a national catastrophe.

New techniques

Speaking in Malaya recently, Air Marshal Sir Francis Fogarty, A.O.C-in-C. of F.E.A.F., said that the greatest contribution that the R.A.F. could make in Malaya would be to help the foot-soldier to move quickly in the jungle. He thought that suitable helicopters could go a long way towards providing such assistance and that their provision should be accorded the highest priority; if necessary, they should be purchased from America.

Transatlantic tourists

Already agency and airline bookings show prospects of constant demand for the transatlantic tourist services, scheduled to start May 1st, which I.A.T.A. describes as a new era in international travel. On that day 11 member-airlines of the Association will begin to realize plans which have been in course of preparation for many months - or, in some cases, years.

During the opening weeks of the services, 39 tourist flights will be made weekly, in each direction across the N. Atlantic, and the schedule should increase progressively to some 71 flights each way per week by August 1st. At the peak of the season, there will be accommodation for as many as 8,000 tourist passengers weekly in both directions.

Source: Flight International