Lacsa has appointed Fernando Naranjo as president of its new international division, Taca Costa Rica. This division takes over all international flights formerly operated by Lacsa, which is itself a member of the Grupo Taca airline family.

Naranjo was picked for his political and diplomatic skills. An economist by background, he is former foreign minister of Costa Rica and a candidate for vice-president in the last national election. Naranjo has also been a commissioner for Costa Rica's soccer federation. He has no aviation background.

Daily operation of the new international division will be managed by Mario Zamora, Grupo Taca's former director of airports.

Lacsa decided to rebrand international operations to take advantage of the wider-known Taca name and to allow more flexibility in crew assignments with other member airlines in Grupo Taca.

Taca Costa Rica is in the process of obtaining new licences and certificates for all international flights. Lacsa will continue to ply domestic routes under its own name.

Taca Costa Rica is setting up new offices separate from Lacsa, but remains part of Lacsa, which is 90% owned by Costa Ricans and 10% by El Salvador's TACA International Airlines. The new name brings no change in ownership.


Source: Airline Business