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Sullenberger retires from US Airways

The captain that successfully landed a US Airways A320 in New York's Hudson River in January 2009 after birds struck both engines has officially retired from the carrier.

Chesley Sullenberger joined US Airways in 1980, and became a member of the carrier's operations management team in September 2009. During his time at US Airways the carrier went through two Chapter 11 reorganisations in the 2000s and merged with America West Airlines in 2005.

Since flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson, Sullenberger has published a book and participated in numerous speaking engagements.

Sullenberger has also stressed the often complicated relationship between airline management and labour to US legislators, explaining his salary fell 40% after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.

He has also expressed concerns over current working conditions for pilots driving talent away from piloting to more lucrative professions.

One of the flight attendants also on flight 1549, Doreen Welsh, is also retiring from US Airways.

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