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  • Omni 767 brake fire-c-AAIU

    Omni 767 crew underestimated take-off abort speed before brake fire


    Irish investigators have determined that an Omni Air International Boeing 767-300ER crew rejected a take-off above the V1 threshold shortly before a brake-fire incident that triggered an evacuation. The pilots rejected the take-off at 149kt – compared with the calculated V1 of 146kt – after hearing a noise traced to ...

  • Omni 767 gear collapse-c-AIAS

    Omni 767 gear-collapse inquiry suspects hydrogen-assisted cracking


    Romanian investigators are analysing overhaul processes applied to the outer cylinder of an Omni Air International Boeing 767-300ER which suffered a landing-gear collapse at Bucharest last year. Metallographic examination of the cylinder in Seattle has revealed fractures consistent with initial overheating damage followed by the propagation of hydrogen-assisted cracking, says ...

  • United_777-300

    US military activates civil aviation for humanitarian airlift


    The US military has asked airlines to participate in the humanitarian and diplomatic airlift from Afghanistan.

  • Omni 767 gear collapse 3-c-AIAS

    Touchdown normal before Omni 767’s main-gear collapse


    Romanian investigators have disclosed that the Boeing 767-300ER which suffered a landing-gear collapse at Bucharest Baneasa airport did not touch down abnormally before the accident. It had been inbound from Kabul on 28 August, and the ILS approach to runway 07 was stable, with checklists and call-outs performed as normal, ...

  • Omni

    Omni 767 suffers gear collapse on landing at Bucharest


    Investigators in Romania are set to probe the partial collapse of a Boeing 767-300ER’s main landing-gear shortly after the twinjet touched down at Bucharest Baneasa airport. Video images captured of the landing indicate a normal touchdown – some 700m from the threshold – as the aircraft arrived on runway 07 ...

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    ATSG reports higher Q3 results on Omni acquisition


    ​Air Transport Services Group, a provider of medium wide-body aircraft leasing, contracted air transportation and related services, reported higher third quarter results after it integrated charter carrier Omni Air International, which it acquired late last year.

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    Undercarriage fire on 767 behind Shannon closure


    Irish investigators have indicated that an undercarriage fire followed an aborted take-off by a Boeing 767-300 at Shannon, forcing the airport's closure.

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    Omni 767's aborted take-off closes Shannon runway


    Ireland's Shannon airport has suspended operations after an incident involving a Boeing 767-300 on its main runway.

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    ATSG expands 767 fleet with $845m purchase of Omni Air


    ​US air cargo company Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) has closed its $845 million purchase of Omni Air International, a charter carrier that operates a fleet of Boeing widebodies.

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    ATSG agrees to purchase Omni Air


    US air cargo company Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) has signed an agreement to acquire Tulsa-based charter operator Omni Air International for $845 million in cash.

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    Omni Air to set new high for first officer pay: union


    ​A small US charter carrier called Omni Air International may have set a new high-water mark for pilot pay, agreeing to a contract that will make its first-year first officers the highest-paid in the US industry, according to its pilots' union.

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    Thrust reduction and wind shift behind Omni 767 tail-strike


    Investigators believe that early reduction of engine thrust on a Boeing 767-300ER during a landing at Kabul caused the aircraft to sink, triggering a response which led to a damaging tail-strike.