In the fourth of its series of webinars on the industry’s most important agenda items in aviation sustainability, FlightGlobal and a panel of industry experts will take stock of the progress airlines have made, and what the next steps are.

Over the past year airlines globally have not only been wrestling with network and balance sheet rebuilding as they recover from the pandemic, but they have also been heavily engaged on building their sustainability strategies, mostly from scratch. With a group of sustainability leaders from major carriers, this webinar will explore and debate how far airlines have progressed on this journey and what tactics and strategies are going to be the top priority for the coming couple of years to ensure momentum can be sustained and accelerated.

The discussion will look at: roadmaps to achieve net zero; the ability to acquire SAF in the quantities, locations and at a “competitive” price; whether off-setting should be in the mix; the role of corporate customers in helping airlines meet emission-reduction targets.

The role of novel aircraft & propulsion technology. What is the airline role? Which projects should be backed? How much risk should an airline take? Are their new business models e.g. air taxis, or is this straying from the core mission of an airline?

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