Flight International online news 09:00GMT: Mobile connectivity venture OnAir has selected German firm Triagnosys and Vision Technologies company Miltope to provide the software and airborne server respectively for its on-board mobile phone use solution.

OnAir was formally established earlier this year by partners SITA, Airbus and Tenzing and is developing a solution to enable mobile phone use in-flight. It has already picked IT specialist Siemens to provide the on-board picocell to support its system.

It has completed the supplier team by selecting Miltope to provide the airborne network server and Triagnosys the key software which will run off the server to support OnAir’s system.

“All suppliers for the onboard GSM system are now identified and fully engaged with Airbus,” says OnAir.

A pre-production version of the server with the Triagnosys software is expected by the end of 2005. Within the first half of next year a commercial version of the on-board GSM system will be ready for integration and end-to-end testing with the OnAir ground infrastructure.

OnAir is aiming for entry into service of its mobile connectivity solution in the second half of next year.

Alabama-based Miltope was earlier this year also selected to provide the onboard server by the Arinc/Telenor mobile connectivity partnership Aeromobile.


Source: Flight International