Italian airframer Vulcanair says its new turboprop, the A-Viator (AP68TP-600) will fill a gap between light-piston aircraft and larger pressurised turbine and very light jets.

Targeted at the corporate, owner-flyer and aerial work markets, the $1.9 million turboprop was officially launched six months ago and has attracted three sales so far – with deliveries for the first two this year.


Production is estimated for five aircraft in 2009 and ten in 2010. “It’s realistic for us to produce ten of the A-Viator each year – I don’t see us producing more than this,” explains Remo De Feo, director of Vulcanair.

The 330hp (245kW) Rolls-Royce 250 B17C-powered A-Viator is an upgraded version of the AP68-TP600 Viator originally manufactured by Partenavia, of which Vulcanair purchased the assets in the late 1990s. De Feo says the A-Viator is almost a completely new aircraft with new avionics, a stretched fuselage, two pilot doors, an enlarged cargo hatch and more flexible interior space.

Following on from Tuesday’s unveiling by Rolls-Royce of its brand new RR500 turboprop – De Feo says it underlines the direction general aviation is taking. “The RR500 would be a great option for the A-Viator and we’ll be looking to offer it once it becomes available,” he adds.


Source: Flight International