Russia is pitching hard to win international orders for its Mi-34C1 light multipurpose helicopter, arguing the type's superiority to the Robinson Helicopter R44 against which it competes.

Robinson Helicopter R44 

At a press conference held by state body Russian Technologies and attended by Russian Helicopter chief Dmitry Petrov, the Mi-34C1 was touted as being "within the price category" of the R44, but having technical characteristics "beyond and higher than those of the American helicopter".

Representing Russian Helicopters' re-entry to the light helicopter arena, the modernised variant is equipped with a "highly powered" Voronezh M9FV engine.

Flying skills training is the rotorcroft's mainstay, but other potential roles include passenger transportation, coastline patrol, offshore operations and reconnaissance.

Its maximum take-off weight is 1,450kg, and it can operate to a service ceiling of 4,450m or hovering ceiling of 1,220m.

The aircraft can carry up three passengers. Maximum payload is 300kg, and range 450km with full fuel tanks.

Source: Flight Daily News