With rumours rife that Indonesia's showcase Jakarta airshow has been postponed or even cancelled due to the country's current economic crisis, an IPTN spokesman says the situation will be clarified today.

"We've been phoning the organisers and they say we will try get a response to us by Wednesday," says the executive.

Many exhibitors at Asian Aerospace '98 have been approaching IPTN, which is closely associated with the Jakarta Asia-Pacific High Technology and Aerospace Show - which has no presence in Singapore - to seek clarification.

One exhibitor says: "We have received our invoices for Jakarta but they haven't actually asked for their money yet which makes us worry if it is still going on."

Indonesian research and technology minister B J Habibie is not traveling to Asian Aerospace, and a planned IPTN press conference today has been cancelled, increasing concern about the fate of the Jakarta show.

Source: Flight Daily News