Paul Derby/DUBAI

Fresh from a deal to supply Malaysia with six Super Lynx helicopters, GKN Westland has a Royal Navy Lynx on display in Dubai as the company bids to increase its upgrade order book.

The RN helicopter has flown into Dubai from Doha, Qatar where it departed HMS Exeter, a Type 42 destroyer.

Westland was given a shot in the arm by the Royal Malaysian Navy decision to select the Super Lynx after losing out to Kaman's SH-2G Super Seasprite in competitions in Australia and New Zealand.


"The experience gained from more than 20 years of operation make Super Lynx the aircraft of choice for those operators wanting the advantages of a proven platform with an established performance and a support infrastructure second to none," says programme director John Falconer.

The company is waiting for a UK Ministry of Defence decision on a potential refuselage programme covering more than 100 Lynxes. If the proposal is given the green light it would extend the life of the fleet beyond 2010.

The upgrade would involve new nose, cabin and tail boom structures, improved cockpit avionics and re-engining with the CTS800 produced by the AlliedSignal/R-R Allison LHTEC joint venture.

Source: Flight Daily News