Moscow prosecutors are to hold a review of safety compliance following the accident involving an Aeroflot aircraft at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

The interregional transport prosecutor’s office states that the flight involved had been operating Moscow-Murmansk.

While the airline has yet to confirm the flight involved, an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet operating to Murmansk at around 18:00 returned to the airport after about 30min, apparently landing on runway 24L

The prosecutor’s office says it is organising a “review of compliance” in connection with the emergency landing, assessing both Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo airport’s operator.

Video of the landing shows a severe fire and thick smoke from the rear of the aircraft as it travels along the runway.

No official information has been released on the number of passengers and crew, and whether any injuries have resulted.

The airport has issued a NOTAM advising that the capacity of the hub has been reduced to 45 aircraft movements per hour, for “technical” reasons.

“Airlines are recommended to correct their schedules according to [airport] capacity,” it states. Aeroflot will be allocated 35 slots per hour with 10 given to other airlines.

Meteorological data for the time of the Murmansk flight indicates good visibility but the presence of cumulonimbus clouds in the vicinity.

Source: Cirium Dashboard