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    Aeroflot Group reaches financial settlement with AerCap over batch of seized aircraft


    Russia’s Aeroflot Group says it has completed a settlement with lessor AerCap concerning a batch of aircraft operated by its carriers, which were retained as part of a Russian government seizure of foreign-built fleets in response to international sanctions over the Ukrainian conflict. Aeroflot Group says AerCap has “ceased” its ...

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    Putin revisits 'quarrel' with former Aeroflot chief over Western fleet


    Russian president Vladimir Putin has pointedly remarked to transport minister Vitaly Saveliev that the country’s aerospace industry is unable to meet the immediate demand for aircraft, recalling his dissatisfaction over the former Aeroflot chief’s reliance on a Western fleet. Putin spoke to Saveliev, seeking an update on the air transport ...

  • Aeroflot SSJ fire

    Aeroflot Superjet captain imprisoned over fatal Moscow landing accident


    Russian authorities have sentenced the captain of an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 to six years in an open penitentiary over the fatal landing accident at Moscow Sheremetyevo four years ago. The aircraft departed Moscow for Murmansk on 5 May 2019, and had just been cleared to climb to 11,000ft when ...

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    United Aircraft seals supply contracts covering over 60 jets for Aeroflot


    United Aircraft has signed formal contracts to deliver 63 aircraft to Russian operator Aeroflot Group by the end of 2025. Aeroflot Group is to take 18 Irkut MC-21s plus 34 SSJ-New aircraft, as well as 11 Tupolev Tu-214s. United Aircraft has also reached agreement to supply eight SSJ-New twinjets to ...

  • A350-900 head-on

    Air India A350 order will include early deliveries of former Aeroflot -900s


    Air India is to take six Airbus A350-900s which were originally allocated to Aeroflot, before sanctions prevented further deliveries to the Russian flag-carrier. The -900s will be delivered towards the end of this year, part of an agreement for 40 A350s unveiled by the Indian operator. Aeroflot had 16 A350-900s ...

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    In depth

    How far through recovery are European airlines?


    A carrier-by-carrier guide to the progress European airlines continued to make in their recovery from the Covid-19 crisis during the past year and a look at how much further they have to go in 2023.

  • Rossiya MC-21-c-Rossiya

    Prototype MC-21s to carry Rossiya livery during training programme


    Irkut has painted an MC-21 twinjet in the colour scheme of Aeroflot Group carrier Rossiya, the first airline set to receive the type. The aircraft was painted at a facility in Ulyanovsk. Rossiya was designated as the main operator of Russian-built aircraft under a re-organisation by Aeroflot Group prior to ...

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    Why order for Russian jets will turn Aeroflot into a replica of its former self


    No longer able to access Western aircraft or technology, Russia’s flag carrier and its aerospace industry are being forced to turn inwards and do business together in a throwback to Soviet times.

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    Airlines adapt to consequences of Russia-Ukraine war


    This week has seen a string of announcements relating to the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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    Aeroflot Group signs for 339 aircraft with deliveries intended from 2023


    Aeroflot Group has signed an agreement for the purchase of 339 aircraft, including 210 of the Irkut MC-21 twinjet, during an economic conference in Vladivostok. The agreement also covers 89 of the Irkut SSJ-New – a revised version of the Superjet 100 – plus 40 Tupolev Tu-214s. Deliveries of the ...

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    Aeroflot to order over 300 Russian-made jets: CEO


    Russian national carrier Aeroflot is expected to order over 300 Russian-made aircraft, as part of a shift in fleet strategy from Western-built jets to indigenous aircraft.

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    Aeroflot invites investors to participate in share offering


    Russian flag-carrier Aeroflot is formally inviting interest in acquiring shares in the company, following the earlier approval of a hike in its authorised capital. The airline states that 5.42 billion ordinary shares are being placed under the capital increase, through an open subscription. Investors who held shares on 11 May ...

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    Aeroflot Group to consolidate MRO capabilities within A-Technics subsidiary


    Russian flag-carrier Aeroflot is to reinforce its maintenance capabilities by transferring infrastructure and personnel to its specialised technical subsidiary A-Technics. It intends to complete the transfer of production facilities – including hangar complexes at Moscow Sheremetyevo – and re-assignment of qualified staff by the end of this year. As a ...

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    Aeroflot ties up with long-distance rail service to increase domestic connectivity


    Russian flag-carrier Aeroflot is aiming to develop a more connected domestic network through a tie-up to enable combined air and rail travel. Aeroflot reached the agreement with Federal Passenger Company, which specialises in long-distance rail transport services, during a St Petersburg economic forum. The two sides will create a joint ...

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    Aeroflot A330 returns to Russia after days of detention in Sri Lanka


    Aeroflot has retrieved an Airbus A330-300 from Colombo, after several days of wrangling after the twinjet was impounded by Sri Lankan authorities. It departed for Moscow Sheremetyevo on 6 June, apparently after intervention to overturn a court order which led to the detention. Russian federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia confirms ...

  • Aeroflot SSJ accident-c-Interstate Aviation Committee

    Superjet fire probe prepares to wrap up after pandemic-related delays


    Russian investigators are expecting shortly to issue the draft final report into the fatal Sukhoi Superjet 100 landing accident and fire at Moscow Sheremetyevo three years ago. The probe into the accident, which involves several international parties, has been held up partly by restrictive measures on personnel introduced during the ...

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    Aeroflot Group board supports increasing company’s share capital


    Aeroflot Group’s board has backed a proposal to raise the authorised capital of the company, increasing it by 5.42 billion shares. Source: Aeroflot The 11-member board supported the proposal – with 10 in favour and one abstention – during a meeting on 29 April. Aeroflot Group’s authorised ...

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    Isolation from West creates long list of challenges for Russian airlines


    Russia’s airline industry is continuing to adjust to the impact of its home country’s invasion of Ukraine, with this week seeing more developments that suggest it will be fundamentally changed for the foreseeable future.

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    Aeroflot board set to discuss increasing company’s share capital


    Aeroflot Group’s board is to hold a meeting at which the directors will discuss increasing the authorised share capital of the company. The board meeting is set to take place on 29 April, the airline has disclosed. Its agenda includes amending articles of association for the company and determining the ...

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    Russia’s Aeroflot suspended from SkyTeam alliance


    Aeroflot has had its membership of global alliance SkyTeam temporarily suspended amid the continued fallout of global sanctions impacting the country’s operators following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.