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    Domestic lift helps Aeroflot turn a profit for the third quarter


    Aeroflot turned a group profit under Russian accounting standards for the first time since the pandemic in the third quarter, driven by a strong domestic traffic performance during the period.

  • Aeroflot 777-300ER-c-Aeroflot

    Aeroflot enhances long-haul fleet with another pair of 777-300ERs


    Aeroflot Group is leasing another pair of Boeing 777-300ERs, sourcing the twinjets from a division of state lessor GTLK. The Russian operator already has 30 777s in its consolidated fleet. Aeroflot’s main operation has 20 777-300ERs while Rossiya has five -300ERs and five -300s. Aeroflot will receive the two additional ...

  • HAECO Signs Longterm Component Agreement with Aeroflot

    Aeroflot picks HAECO for long-term component MRO support


    Hong Kong-based HAECO has signed a long-term component maintenance agreement with Russia’s Aeroflot. 

  • Pobeda 737-800-c-Pobeda

    Aeroflot Group invests in reconfiguring 737-800s to expand Pobeda


    Aeroflot Group is to invest some $58 million in reconfiguring Boeing 737-800s for transfer to the fleet of its budget airline Pobeda. The group says it has postponed several investment projects as a result of the pandemic-driven air transport crisis. But during its half-year financial update the company states that ...

  • Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER

    Aeroflot unveils first 777 with upgraded cabin


    Aeroflot has completed the cabin refurbishment of its first aircraft under a programme for its Boeing 777-300ER fleet.

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    Aeroflot slashes interim losses as domestic recovery lifts performance


    Aeroflot Group managed to cut net losses by 38% over the first half, to Rb26.3 billion ($361 million) under Russian accounting standards. The company’s second quarter showed a “significant improvement”, it states, with a net loss of Rb1.4 billion in contrast to the figure of over Rb26 billion for the ...

  • Pobeda Boeing 737-800

    Pobeda adds more Turkish routes following lifting of restrictions


    Aeroflot low-cost unit Pobeda is further bolstering its network of flights to Turkish tourism destinations following Russia’s recent lifting of travel restrictions to the country.

  • Aeroflot A321neo-c-Aeroflot

    Aeroflot inaugurates new Krasnoyarsk hub


    Aeroflot has formally inaugurated its new international hub at Krasnoyarsk, intended to complement its Moscow Sheremetyevo base. It intends to open services from 1 June, with the first flight SU2878 operating to Blagoveshchensk. Blagoveshchensk will be one of five initial routes on the Krasnoyarsk network which will also include Krasnodar, ...

  • Aeroflot A320neo-c-Aeroflot

    Aeroflot introduces first A320neo through lease from CDB


    Aeroflot has become the latest Russian carrier to introduce the Airbus A320neo, after receiving its first of the re-engined type. The aircraft (VP-BPQ), powered by CFM International Leap-1A engines, was originally delivered to lessor CDB Aviation in November last year but placed into storage. Aeroflot says the interior cabin “echoes ...

  • ssj accident title-c-Interstate Aviation Committee

    Inquiry into fatal Aeroflot Superjet fire examines earlier Yakutia gear collapse


    Russian investigators probing the fatal Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 landing accident at Moscow two years ago have analysed a Yakutia Superjet overrun and gear collapse as part of an assessment of the type’s structures and components. After returning to Sheremetyevo airport on 5 May 2019 the Aeroflot aircraft landed hard, ...

  • S7 tail fin-c-S7 Airlines

    S7 overtakes Aeroflot in first quarter after riding domestic wave


    S7 Airlines emerged as the largest passenger carrier in Russia over the first quarter of this year, tipping Aeroflot off the top slot, according to the country’s official civil aviation figures. Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia states that S7 carried 3.56 million passengers over the three-month period compared with Aeroflot’s ...

  • Rossiya SSJ-c-Rossiya

    Rossiya builds Superjet fleet as Russian domestic market picks up


    Aeroflot Group shifted another six Sukhoi Superjet 100s to Rossiya during March, bringing the number transferred to the airline to 14 over the first quarter. Rossiya’s fleet has increased from 67 to 81 aircraft over the three-month period as Aeroflot Group continued implementation of a strategy to use Rossiya as ...

  • Aeroflot-Pobeda 737-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Pobeda takes on first 737-800 under Aeroflot Group fleet optimisation


    Russian budget carrier Pobeda has received the first Boeing 737-800 to be transferred to the operator under Aeroflot Group’s broad fleet restructuring programme. Aeroflot Group is re-aligning the fleets of Aeroflot, and subsidiaries Rossiya and Pobeda, as part of a strategic rethink on capacity allocation within its various markets. This ...

  • Krasnoyarsk new terminal-c-Krasnoyarsk airport

    Aeroflot identifies initial routes for new Krasnoyarsk international hub


    Russia’s Aeroflot Group is intending to open its new international hub at Krasnoyarsk in June, after the expansion was delayed by over a year by the air transport crisis. Aeroflot’s board has decided that the hub will open on 1 June with a summer schedule including flights to Sochi, Krasnodar, ...

  • Pobeda 737-c-Pobeda

    Aeroflot approves transfer of 10 737-800s to Pobeda


    Aeroflot’s board has approved the transfer of 10 Boeing 737-800s from its fleet to that of its low-cost budget sister carrier Pobeda. The aircraft will be sub-leased from April-June this year according to the board decision, although the possibility of a postponement remains. Aeroflot Group says the lease periods range ...

  • Rossiya 747

    Aeroflot Group impairs Rossiya goodwill and Aurora disposal


    Aeroflot Group has disclosed a Rb6.5 billion ($88 million) write-off of goodwill for its subsidiary airline Rossiya in its full-year financial results. The company has also listed a Rb5.07 billion loss from the disposal of another subsidiary, the eastern Russian carrier Aurora which it sold for the token sum of ...

  • Pobeda-c-Pobeda

    Pobeda to open second Moscow base with flights from Sheremetyevo


    Russian budget carrier Pobeda is to open services from a second Moscow base, operating from the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport. Pobeda is part of Aeroflot Group alongside Aeroflot and Rossiya. Moscow Sheremetyevo is Aeroflot’s main base. The expansion will involve Pobeda’s opening services to 12 cities in Russia, as well as ...

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    ​Aeroflot losses hit $1.3 billion in 2020


    Russian flag carrier Aeroflot incurred a net loss in 2020 amid slumping revenue as passenger numbers were hammered by the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Pobeda 737-c-Pobeda

    Budget airline Pobeda proves resilient as Russian full-year traffic halves


    Russian airlines’ passenger traffic halved over the course of last year, official figures from the federal air transport regulator show. Rosaviatsia states that overall traffic was down by 52% with passenger numbers down 46% to 69.2 million. But the fall was not indiscriminate across the Russian carriers. Aeroflot Group’s budget ...

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    Rossiya aims to have nearly 70 Superjets next year


    Russian operator Rossiya aims to introduce a fleet of nearly 70 Sukhoi Superjet 100s by the end of next year, as part of a strategic overhaul of Aeroflot Group’s operations. Rossiya says the federal aviation regulator Rosaviatsia has included the Superjet type on the carrier’s air operator’s certificate, ahead of ...