Sukhoi’s civil aircraft division believes the landing accident involving a Yakutia Superjet 100 at Yakutsk is not attributable to the aircraft’s technical systems.

The aircraft (RA-89011) suffered substantial damage after arriving at Yakutsk from Ulan-Ude in darkness on 10 October.

Both main landing-gear assemblies collapsed rearwards and the twinjet has, as a result, sustained damage to wing flaps, as well as damage to the underside of its engines from the runway contact.

Yakutia and federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia says the aircraft experienced a runway excursion, although it came to rest on the paved surface.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft states that, according to preliminary analysis, the event has “no connection” with the aircraft’s technical serviceability.

“The incident was caused by external factors,” it insists, adding that it is providing support to the inquiry.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft as a six-year old basic variant of the Superjet 100, delivered to the carrier new in 2012. It states that the owner is VEB-Leasing.

Source: Cirium Dashboard